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About Us


On a cold February night in 1983, Sandy Kuss gathered a group of 10 women at her house to see if there would be any interest in forming a quilting guild.  After many questions about what a guild was, the ladies were off and running.

The first organized meeting of the guild was May 5, 1983 at the Yarn Box.  As of May 9, there were 26 charter (paid) members.  The guild was named Foothills Piecemakers Quilting Guild during this meeting.  Within one month, a newsletter named “The Piecemaker” was published.  By the October, 1983 meeting, several landmarks had been reached.  The constitution and by-laws had been written.  The Guild had also become incorporated as a non-profit organization. 

In 1985, we presented our first quilt show located at the Roper Mountain Science Center.  This was followed by a show in 1986.  The next quilt show was held at the YMCA in 1990, with a fourth show the following year at Flour Daniel Center One.  Currently, we present a quilt show on even numbered years.  


Guild History


Expanding Knowledge

 In addition to presenting quilt shows, our guild provides educational programs at most guild meetings.  Lectures and workshops from a variety of locally and nationally known artists and teachers are available to guild members. Other guild committees provide additional creative experiences and opportunities for growth, fun and philanthropy.Our membership is typically over 100 members.  As we continue to grow, we hope to interest more women, men and children in quilting and enhancing their quiltmaking skills. Three words used to describe the Foothills Piecemaking Quilting Guild:       INSPIRATION– the talents of our guild members serve as inspiration for growth and self-expression to other members       DICHOTOMY– The nuances of differences between the members create a masterpiece scrap quilt of personalities.  

  HORIZON– We’re stretching to the future by expanding our imagination and our goals.


Charter Members


           Nancy Bridges                          

          Carolyn Jones                        

         Elaine Langley                  

        Doris Latta

       Marianna Simmons                

      Diane Shults                          

     Sue Moore                          

    Lillian Jenkins 

   Kitty Riddle                                

  Claudia Hembree                

 Frances Morrow              

Anne Winans

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